If You See Something, Say Something.

Over the years, the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (BBC) has found that all too often clients are reluctant to talk openly with their cosmetologist, barber, manicurist, esthetician, or electrologist about their concerns regarding cleanliness, health issues or safe practices. If there is a single, underlying theme to the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology itís that protection of the client is paramount. The Board is asking for reputable, clean, safe salons to jump on board with us and start a movement. Join us in educating clients to speak with you, the licensee and/or the salon owner, before they approach the Board with their concerns or complaints. We are asking all of our 50,000+ salons to stand up with their clients and let them know YOU want to hear from them. The Board is inviting you to print out the See Something, Say Something poster linked below and post it in your salon for all to see. Let your clients know you care about their health and safety and you are there for them.

This is the new BBC, we want to work with you for a safe, healthy salon experience.

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If you See Something Say Something
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