Stylists Article - January 2015

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New Regulations

There are a number of regulatory changes in store or expected for 2015, and the Board is urging licensees to be aware of them.

Recently,  the Office of Administrative Law, the state agency that reviews regulations, approved changes in school cosmetology curriculums to clarify that schools should only teach brow and lash tinting if a product becomes available that isn’t disapproved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or other federal agencies. Under Section 989 of the California Code of Regulations, all of the Board’s licensees are already prohibited from using products banned by the FDA, but barbering and cosmetology schools said there was confusion over whether to teach tinting as directed by the curriculums. The text of the revised regulations can be viewed at They became effective on January 1.

Other proposed changes are currently under regulatory review and are expected to be approved sometime in 2015. These include:

  • Health and Safety: The Board has proposed a number of amendments to its health and safety regulations, from what constitutes an invasive procedure to proper use of footspa tub liners. The proposed text of these regulations can be found at under “Health and Safety (new filing)”.


  • Apprenticeships: Among the changes being sought by the Board is prohibiting licensing applicants from repeatedly re-enrolling as apprentices, thereby avoiding taking the licensing examination and earning their regular license. Another significant change would be to limit trainers to supervising two apprentices at a time. The proposed text of these amendments can be found at
  • Crossover Courses: Existing regulations now require cosmetologists who wish to become barbers and vice-versa to take 400 additional hours of instruction. Under the amendments proposed by the Board, students would be required to take only the hours and subject matter that were not already covered under the curriculum of their existing license. For a cosmetologist, this means only 200 hours in shaving would be necessary to qualify for the barber examination; for barbers, 300 hours in esthetics and 100 hours in manicuring would be necessary to take the cosmetology examinations. The proposed text of these amendments can be found at


  • Text and Reference Books for Students: The Board is proposing this amendment as part of its switch several years ago to the national examination developed by the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC). The regulation reflects that all text and reference books that were once reviewed and approved by the Board will now be evaluated by NIC for relevance to the examination. The proposed text of these amendments can be found at
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