Stylists Article - July 2015

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July 1 is an important date for the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. It’s the date that a number of important revisions to the Board’s regulations go into effect that will in some way affect all of the Board’s more than 500,000 licensees.

  • Health and Safety: In many ways, this is the “big” one. The Board’s biggest priority, as set by the State Legislature, is the protection of the public and that is the primary goal of the revisions. Nearly all of the sections that comprise the Board’s health and safety rules (Article 12 of Division 9, Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations, or CCR) have been revised in some way. In many cases, the changes are minor. But two entirely new sections have also been added: § 977, which defines a number of terms used in the regulations themselves, and § 980.4, which details cleaning procedures and other requirements for shops that use disposable liners in their foot spa tubs or basins. Cosmetologists and estheticians will likely want to pay special attention to the revisions to § 991 regarding invasive procedures, which now allow the use of over-the-counter LED lights.
  • Crossover Course Curriculums: §950.8 and §950.9, which detail 400-hour curriculums necessary for barbers to become cosmetologists and vice versa, have been repealed. The elimination of these sections means that all crossover candidates need to do to qualify to take the examination is to fulfill whatever part of the cosmetology or barber curriculum they haven’t already completed as part of their original program. This means that a cosmetologist who wishes to become a barber will only need 200 hours in shaving – shaving being the only aspect of the regular barber curriculum (§950.1) not already covered by the regular cosmetology curriculum (§950.2). Barbers who wish to become cosmetologists will need to complete the 200-hour esthetics component and 100-hour manicuring component of the regular cosmetology curriculum to sit for the examination.
  • Apprenticeships: The Board has made several revisions or clarifications to its regulations concerning apprenticeships (Article 3 of Division 9, Title 16 CCR). The changes include two new sections, §914.1 and §914.2, that set limits on who can enroll as an apprentice and the number of re-enrollments.  §918 has been amended to limit to two the number of apprentices a trainer may supervise at any one time. The apprenticeship curriculums detailed in §921, §921.1 and §921.2 have also been amended to conform to the format adopted by the Board for approved school curriculums.

Because of the large number of changes, the Board is unable to list them all in this column. However, copies of the revised regulations may be obtained in several languages from the Board’s Web site at Just click on the “New Regulations Effective July 1” link.  You’ll have the option of either downloading the revised health and safety regulations alone (as well as a chart explaining the changes), or a supplement to the Board’s 2013 Barbering & Cosmetology Act and Regulations bookletthat includes all of the regulatory changes made by the Board since the booklet’s publication, including those discussed in this column.

The revisions are the result of nearly two years of Board discussions with industry representatives, licensees, health and safety professionals and others. Please review these new rules carefully.

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